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Divisional Activities

  The Institute operates seven divisions, listed below, to conduct studies and research works on various subjects. Each division may have sections and subcommittees, or necessary. These divisions also conduct studies and research work on specific subjects in concert with related government ministries, agencies or other outside organizations.
  Results of these studies and research works are consolidated into reports or reference materials for publication, presentation, or submission to consignors (or clients).
  The Institute also coordinates activities for standardization of specific technical matters, as requested by parties concerned, and consolidates the results as JPI Standards for public distribution.

a) Natural Resources Development Div.
covering subjects ranging from geology and exploration, to development and production
b) Refining Div.
covering refining processes and refinery operations
c) Petrochemicals Div.
covering both petroleum-derived and natural gas-derived chemical processes
d) Products Div.
covering laboratory analyses, testing and development of products
e) Process Equipment Div.
covering subjects ranging from processing plants and equipment and other related facilities, including materials, instrumentation, repairs &maintenance and safety
f) Management Informatics Div.
covering subjects ranging from economics and statistics to operations research, information and systems
g) New Energy Div.
covering energy and global environmental problems