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Process Equipment Division

  Process Equipment Division was established in 1959 as the seventh division of JPI, and it was renamed “Process Equipment Division” in 1973. Please refer to organization chart (pdf file).
  In cooperation with oil/petrochemical companies, equipment venders, and engineering companies, the Process Equipment Division promotes the following activities, which are related to maintenance, operation, safety, and environment protection aspects of oil/petrochemical plants comprised of static equipment, piping, instrumentation, and electrical equipment.

1.  Hosting lecture meetings, lecture classes, panel discussions, and study tours. Lecture meetings are held for each discipline every year as follows:
  • Static equipment/piping lecture meeting
  • Instrumentation lecture meeting
  • Electric equipment lecture meeting
  • Rotating equipment lecture meeting
  • Facilities maintenance symposium
Lecture classes include:
  • Lecture on facilities maintenance standards (every year)
  • Piping technical seminar (as required)
2.  Publishing
3.  Technical investigation and research
4.  Issuing JPI standards
  JPI standards complement JIS (Japanese Industry Standards) to comply with technical progress of oil/petrochemical industries. JPI standards consist of design/products standards and facilities maintenance standards.
  • Design/products standards are edited to be consistent with international standards such as ASME, API, etc.
  • Facilities maintenance standards have been issued to enable oil/petrochemical plants owners to maintain safety operation.
5.  Contacting and cooperating with other organizations
6.  Other necessary activities


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