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Membership of the Japan Petroleum Institute

Members of the Institute are classified into six (6) categories as follows:
(1) Honorary member
A person who has made distinguished scientific and technological achievements in regard to petroleum, natural gas or petrochemical industry and has been elected as an honorary member by recommendation of the Board of Directors and approval of the General Meeting of the Institute.

(2) Regular member
A Person of learning and experience in the field of the petroleum, natural gas or petrochemical industry, or a person having close relationship with production, plant and equipment related to the above-mentioned industries. [get application form]

(3) Student member
A student who is currently enrolled in an undergraduate or postgraduate course of a university or an equivalent academic institution and has interest in the petroleum, natural gas or petrochemical industry.

(4) Supporting member
A corporation that endorses and supports the objectives of the Institute's activities and cooperates with it in these activities.

(5) Public member
A public library, research institute or related organization which wishes to subscribe to the Institute's periodicals only.

Current membership is approximately 2,800 as of March 31, 2022.

The annual membership fee is shown below by category:
Supporting member: