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JPI Standard and Manuals Testing Method for Petroleum Products

as of Sep. 3, 2021

(Japanese Yen)

JPI No. Name Price Member
JPI-5S- 4-11 Petroleum Products -determination and Application of Precision Data in Relation to Methods of Test 4,500 (3,000)
JPI-5R- 5-18 Manual for Rating Motor Fuels by Motor and Research Methods 12,000 (8,000)
JPI-5R-13-76 Calibration Procedure for Continuous Viscometer(Capillary Tube Type) 530 (440)
JPI-5S-15-05 JPI Diesel Piston Rating Method 15,000 (10,000)
JPI-5R-17-78 Standard Calibration Method for Process Distillation Analyzer 700 (540)
JPI-5S-19-94 Sludge Rating Method 13,500 (9,000)
JPI-5S-22-83 Fractional Analysis for Asphaltic Bitumen by Column Chromatography 900 (700)
JPI-5S-23-17 Engine oils−Determination of diesel fuel diluent 2,400 (1,600)
JPI-5S-24-17 Engine oils−Determination of gasoline diluent 2,400 (1,600)
JPI-5S-25-08 JPI Vanish Rating Method 15,000 (10,000)
JPI-5S-26-10 Lubricating oils ―Low-temperature viscosity― Brookfield viscometer method 1,500 (1,000)
JPI-5S-27-86 Evaluation of Stripping Tendency of Film on Aggregate Surface in Presence of Water 3,000 (2,000)
JPI-5S-28-87 Testing Method for Calcium, Magnesium and Zinc in Unused Lubricating Oil 1,200 (800)
JPI-5S-29-06 Test Methods for Shear Stability of Polymer-Containing Oils 1,500 (1,000)
JPI-5S-33-90 Hydrocarbon Determination Method for Olefin -Free Naphtha by Capillary Gas Chromatography 1,500 (1,000)
JPI-5S-34-01 Two -Stroke Cycle Gasoline Engine Parts Cleanliness Rating Method 6,300 (4,200)
JPI-5R-35-90 Standard Protocol for Tests on Petroleum Products 7,500 (5,000)
JPI-5S-36-03 Lubricating Oils -Measuring Viscosity at High Temperature and High Shear Rate 3,000 (2,000)
JPI-5S-38-03 Lubricating Oils -Determination of Additive Elements -Inductively Coupled Plasma Atomic Emission Spectrometry 2,400 (1,600)
JPI-5R-39-13 Manual for Rating Diesel Fuels by Cetane Method 7,200 (4,800)
JPI-5S-41-04 Test Method for Evaporation Loss of Engine Oils(Noack Test) 2,700 (1,800)
JPI-5S-42-04 Testing Method for Determination of Yield Stress and Apparent Viscosity of Engine Oils at Low Temperature 1,650 (1,100)
JPI-5S-43-94 Test Method for Fraass Breaking Point 1,800 (1,200)
JPI-5S-44-11 Testing Method for Fe, Cu, Al, Pb, Cr and Sn in Used Lubricating Oils(Solvent Diluent -Inductively Coupled Plasma Atomic Emission Spectrometry) 1,200 (800)
JPI-5S-45-95 Crude Oils and Petroleum Products -Determination of Asphaltene Contents (Dual Wavelength Spectrophotometric) 1,800 (1,200)
JPI-5S-46-96 Testing Method for Peroxide Number of Kerosine 2,100 (1,400)
JPI-5S-47-96 Testing Method for Cold Flow Performance of Fuel Oil A(Simultaneous Heating Equipment for Greenhouse Usage) 1,800 (1,200)
JPI-5S-48-97 Lubricating Oils -The Method for Total Acid Number -Color -Indicator -Transmissivity Titration 2,400 (1,600)
JPI-5S-49-07 Petroleum Products -Determination of Hydrocarbon Types -High Performance Liquid Chromatography 3,000 (2,000)
JPI-5S-50-98 Gas oil -Testing Method for Lubricity 3,000 (2,000)
JPI-5R-51-98 Guide for the sampling of gases and of oil from oil -filled electrical equipment and for the analysis of free and dissolved gases 4,500 (3,000)
JPI-5S-53-99 Asphalts -Determination of kinematic viscosity at high temperature 780 (520)
JPI-5S-54-99 Asphalts -Determination of viscosity with a rotational viscometer 880 (600)
JPI-5S-55-99 Engine oils -Determination of high temperature deposits (Hot tube test) 1,800 (1,200)
JPI-5S-57-99 Electrical insulating oils -Determination of total acid number -color -indicator -transmissivity titration 1,750 (1,150)
JPI-5S-58-99 Electrical insulating oils -Test methods for the determination of furanic compounds 1,320 (880)
JPI-5S-59-99 Marine fuels-Determination of vanadium and nickel 1,920 (1,280)
JPI-5S-62-11 Petroleum products -Determination of metal content 6,000 (4,000)
JPI-5S-64-02 Petroleum products -Determination of total chlorine content -Oxidative microcoulometry method 1,800 (1,200)
JPI-5S-65-11 Petroleum products -Determination of carbon, hydrogen and nitrogen content 1,800 (1,200)
JPI-5S-67-05 Standard Method of Test for Determining the Rheological Properties of Asphalt Binder Using a Dynamic Shear Rheometer (DSR) 2,250 (1,500)
JPI-5S-68-11 Petroleum products -Determination of total oxygen content 1,800 (1,200)
JPI-5S-69-09 JPI Gear Tooth Rating Method 7,500 (5,000)
JPI-5S-70-10 Testing method of bitumen components analysis by TLC/FID 1,920 (1,280)
JPI-5S-71-21 Petroleum products - Determination of coumarin 7,350 (4,900)
JPI-5S-72-12 Testing Method for Peroxide Number of Kerosene, Diesel Fuels and Biodiesel- Potentiometric Titration Method 1,800 (1,200)
JPI-5S-73-14 Fuel oils−Determination of chlorine content−Wavelength-dispersive X-Ray fluorescence spectrometry 1,800 (1,200)
JPI-5S-74-14 Lubricating oils−Determination of additive elements−Wavelength-dispersive X-Ray fluorescence spectrometry 3,600 (2,400)
JPI-5S-75-14 Determination of 2,6-di-tert -butylphenol in kerosene by Gas chromatography / mass spectrometry 4,200 (2,800)
JPI-5R-77-19 Testing method of asphalt and rejuvenator for recycled asphalt components analysis by TLC/FID 3,000 (2,000)
JPI-6S-6-94 Recommended Test Method for Determining Octane Number Requirements of Vehicles 1,800 (1,200)
JPI-6S-7-84 Recommended Procedure for Estimating Octane Number Requirements Distribution Data 1,500 (1,000)
*JPI standards are written in Japanese only

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