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Int'l sess. of Kumamoto Convention of the Japan Petrol. Inst.

Day 1/Nov. 12, 2020 (Thu.)

[Invited] Nano-catalyst engineering for storage and release of hydrogen energy using formic acid as a promising liquid carrier
(Osaka Univ.)*K. Mori
CO2-to-methanol hydrogenation catalyst by focusing on coordination structure of Cu species
(Ibaraki Univ.)*S. Tada, (Univ. Tokyo)F. Otsuka, R. Kikuchi
Effects of supports for Pt-based catalysts on conversion of lignocellulosic biomass into aromatic monomers in supercritical water
(AIST)*K. Yamazaki, (Tohoku Gakuin Univ.)R. Sasaki, T. Watanabe, S. Kuwano, (AIST)N. Mimura, O. Sato, A. Yamaguchi
Role of acid sites for selective catalytic oxidation of NH3: the case of niobium oxide supported precious metals catalysts
(Tokyo Metropolitan Univ.)*M. Lin, B. An, T. Takei, T. Shishido, T. Ishida, M. Haruta, (Tokyo Metropolitan Univ., Yantai Univ.)T. Murayama
Reductive amination of HMF over beta zeolite-supported ruthenium bimetallic catalyst
(JAIST)*X. Li, S. D. Le, S. Nishimura
Reaction mechanism of dechlorination of chlorofluoroalkene by hydrogen gas over intermetallic compound catalysts
(TITECH)*T. Takayama, S. Ariyama, (AGC)T. Yamada, (TITECH)T. Komatsu
[Invited] Ni-Ir alloy catalyst for hydrogenation of unsaturated compounds
(Osaka City Univ.)*M. Tamura
Hydroxyapatite support polyvinylpyrrolidone-capped CuPd bimetallic catalyst for highly selective γ-butyrolactone via hydrogenation of succinic acid
(JAIST)*S. D. Le, S. Nishimura
Ultrastable and selective catalyst for propane dehydrogenation using Pb-modified PtGa alloy
(Hokkaido Univ.)Y. Nakaya, K. Shimizu, *S. Furukawa
Synthesis of zeolitic Mo-doped vanadotungstate materials with tailorable oxidability and acidity
(Kanagawa Univ.)*M. Tao, S. Ishikawa, (Tokyo Metropolitan Univ.)Y. Inomata, T. Murayama, (Kanagawa Univ.)W. Ueda
[Invited] Development of nano-structured catalyst using oxide nanosheets
(Kumamoto Univ.)*S. Ida

Day 2/Nov. 13, 2020 (Fri.)

Low temperature catalytic cracking of n- hexane over bifunctional catalyst containing of Rh and ZSM-5
(TITECH)*H. Fujitsuka, M. Yamaji, T. Tago
Synthesis of High-Dimensionally structured Mo and W oxide and its oxidation properties
(Kanagawa Univ.) *K. Shimoda, M. Miyasawa, S. Ishikawa, W. Ueda
Effect of para-substituent in ethylene copolymerizations catalyzed by phenoxy-modified half-titanocene catalysts
(Tokyo Metropolitan Univ.)K. Nomura, *S. Kitphaitun


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