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Int'l sess. (JPI-KSIEC joint sess.) of Yamagata Convention of JPI

Day 1 (Oct. 31) 9:30-11:30/Room B

yInvitedzCatalytic conversion of methane over zeolite catalysts
(Tokyo Inst. Tech.)›T. Yokoi
yInvitedzBead-shaped porous oxide particle for environmental applications
(Konkuk Univ.)›J.-B. Joo
Several nm thick zeolite synthesized by face-selective crystal growth inhibition
(Hiroshima Univ.)›N. Tsunoji, M.Sadakane
Simulation and optimization of an once-through hydrocracking unit
(ADNOC)›B. Saha, M. Abdur Rakib, M. Al Musharfy
Development of Si-decorated Ni catalysts highly active for hydrogenation reactions
(Hokkaido Univ.)›W. F. Simanulang, S. Furukawa, K. Shimizu


Day 1 (Oct. 31) 15F00-16F15/Room B

Promotive effect of Ba doping on redox properties of Mn in Ba-doped LaMnO3 for dehydrogenation of ethane
(Waseda Univ.)›H. Saito, Y. Hosono, H. Seki, (Kubota)S. Maeda, K. Hashimoto, (Waseda Univ.)T. Higo, S. Ogo, Y. Sekine
Resid fluid catalytic cracking (RFCC) unit model development for a dual-riser R2R configuration
(ADNOC)›M. Abdur Rakib, B. Saha, M. Al Musharfy
On the production of maximizing propylene to improve the refining economics
(ADNOC)›G. Pragasam Singaravel, A. Al Katheeri, S. Morin, M. Berthod
Selective oxidation of acrolein over crystalline Mo-V-W-O catalyst
(Kanagawa Univ.)›S. Ishikawa, Y. Yamada, N. Noda, W. Ueda
Cu-Pd single-atom alloy catalyst for highly efficient deNOx at low temperatures
(Hokkaido Univ.)›F. Xing, J. Jeon, (Hokkaido Univ., Kyoto Univ.-ESICB)K. Shimizu, S. Furukawa


Day 2 (Nov. 1) 9F00-13F45/Room B

yInvitedzDevelopment of metal oxide nanosheet membranes: Separation performance in water and organic solvent
(Kobe Univ.)›K. Nakagawa
yInvitedzMicro-architecture of electrodes for deformable energy storage devices
(Chung-ang Univ.)›I. Nam
Selective separation of biomass-derived sugars and aromatics with metal-organic framework NU-1000
(Tohoku Univ.)›M. Yabushita, (Hokkaido Univ.)A. Fukuoka, (Northwestern Univ.)O. K. Farha, (Univ. Calif.)A. Katz
Methane selective oxidation to formaldehyde on metal phosphates by oxygen atom shuttle
(Univ. Tokyo)›I. T. Ghampson, G.-N. Yun, M. Yoza, S.-T.B. Lundin, Y. Kobayashi, S. Ted Oyama
yInvitedzPhotoelectrochemical behavior of Ag2O decorated mesos TiO2 nanostructure templated by double comb copolymer
(Konkuk Univ.)G. Y. Choi, S. M. Lim, J. Moon, J. M. Lim, U. C. Baek, ›J. Park
yInvitedzArtificial photosynthesis using all-solid-state photocatalysts\Photocatalytic conversion of CO2 by H2O as an electron donor\
(Kyoto Univ.)›K. Teramura, K. Hori, Y. Hasegawa, Y. Terao, H. Tatsumi, S. Wang, R. Pang, Z. Huang, S. Iguchi, Z. Wang, H. Asakura, S. Hosokawa, T. Tanaka
Low temperature ammonia synthesis over supported Fe catalyst in an electric field
(Waseda Univ.)›R. Sakai, K. Murakami, Y. Mizutani, Y. Tanaka, S. Hayashi, S. Ogo, (Nippon Shokubai)N. Haginiwa, (Waseda Univ., Nippon Shokubai)H. Tsuneki, (Waseda Univ.)Y. Sekine
Insight into the governing factors for ammonia synthesis in the electric field using a DFT study
(Waseda Univ.)›K. Murakami, Y. Tanaka, S. Hayashi, R. Sakai, Y. Hisai, S. Ogo, (Myongji Univ.)J. G. Seo, (NIMS)A. Ishikawa, (Nippon Shokubai, Waseda Univ.) H. Tsuneki, (Waseda Univ.)Y. Sekine
Investigation of Ni/MAl2O4 (M = Mg, Ca, Sr, Ba) for catalytic NH3 decomposition
(Kyoto Univ.)›Y. Im, H. Muroyama, T. Matsui, K. Eguchi

bOutline of Yamagata Conv. of JPIb